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What are the website needs of a software company? If this software company is a leading software company working with Turkey's leading brands, if it needs a different, modern, user-oriented website that reflects the brand's identity, a suitable process was required. We created a website, logo and corporate identity for Avva Mobile.

What we've done

1. Logo

2. Corporate Identity

3. Printed corporate materials

4. Component-based UI-kit

5. Product Design Sprints to explore new functionality

6. Experience analysis based on user data

User-oriented responsive interface

Before the web page design work, we analyzed the user audience and behavior of the current website. Based on the metrics we have, we decided which design dynamic the user group is suitable for and which users the new website would appeal to. For a software company that produces B2B projects and serves leading brands, we have created a design that is easy to use and has smooth transitions, unlike before, where Call to action areas are at the forefront.

Our UX team has determined the A/B methods we will use after the design work is published, there are still about 10 A/B tests on the current site.

The aim of the project was to have a modern and extraordinary design line, to show reference works and to increase the conversion rate of customers reaching the brand. We analyzed the market with our UI and UX team and carried out a target-oriented study.

Sections from the design study area

Homepage Call to Action Dropdown

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